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Nico Wayne Toussaint was born in France in 1973, he grows up in a family of artists and musicians have their first meeting with the blues at age 15 with recordings of Muddy Waters and James Cotton hard again three years later, he added the name of the type the blues as he digs most: Chicago Blues. He picks harmonica at age 17 influenced by his all-time mentor, James Cotton, while he enters the university, he starts giging and fronting his own band featuring her father on piano, Nico and the U.S. Since 1992, Nico has developed strong ties with the United States every year visit his American uncle in Minneapolis (Nico gets his middle name Wayne after him) where he begins meeting with the local scene and especially with the harmonica player RJ Mischo as gerNico many possibghet to jam on his gigs, he also works as a waiter at the famous Blues Saloon few chances to play with local and national acts such as Jimmy Johnson, Michael Coleman, the Forbidden Pigs and other ...
Toussaint is 23 years old in 1996 when he gets a position as a French teachers at Carleton College near Mpls While he was recording his first CD, C'est Si Bon by musicians from the Twin Cities over the past 10 years he has Refocusing his focus on the city of Chicago to live in the city every year to play with the locals ( Billy Branch Killer Ray Allison Jimmy Burns or Vance Kelly to name a few) and giging under his own name in the clubs that Rosas Loundge or Bill's Blues .
Discography: Nico Wayne Toussaint is a steady Dixie Frog recording artistsince 1998 and his second release My Kind Of Blues Dixie Frog is in the top three European blues record label Followed album Blasting The Blues (2000) and transsexuals (2002) 2004 Nico comes up with the critically acclaimed double Transatlantic Live albums cut in France and in the Boston session finds Toussaint is backed by the cream of East Coast blues player Per Hanson on drums Mudcat Ward on bass, David Maxwell on piano and Kid Bangham on guitar, this record is followed by Southern Wind Blowin '(2007) a tribute to his father and to American music and his latest attempts Blues Entre Les Dents (2009) recorded mainly in French their mother tongue

NICO On stage: You get the best of Nico Wayne Toussaint on stage where his charisma, passion and professionalism, stage presence shine mepieces and make a skillnadmed other artists were awarded many times as best French and European harp player he is considered one of the best European blues artists Since 1998 he has toured festivals and clubs in Europe and Canada U.S. Syria Ecuador, Macedonia, Nigeria and Tunisia