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Richard Carr is a singer, guitarist currently residing in Quebec City (Beauport) who's early exposure to the culture of the Southern US and a working-class background were two of the main elements that contributed to his natural inclination towards Blues and Roots music.
Add to that his musical connection to a gospel choir of a Baptist church and, Carr was discovering the foundations of his musical personality.
2006 LysBlues award winner Richard Carr is a class act, a captivating performer with a powerful tenor voice.
His vast experience and talent have kept him at the forefront of the blues scene in Québec for over 20 years.
he seeks to promote and preserve the old-school musical styles of Rhythm & Blues by performing them with the highest level of musicianship and respect. His repertoire features a wide variety of songs by renowned Blues & Roots musicians all the while incorporating his original material into his sets.
«I try to play closer to the original rather than doing a more modern version of a tune» «I make sure they sound really rootsy and rock 'n' roll. I try the best I can to do justice to the material".
Recent performances include sets at the Amphithéâtre extérieur de Wendake 2010, 2008 Festiblues, 2008 Gatineau Jazz Fest, 2007 Centreville en Blues (Riviere du Luop) 2006 SIMMM (Place des Arts) Maximum Blues Festival (2005), Weekend En Blues, Octobre en Blues, Festival Blues De St-Fortunat and Cancer en Blues (2005) Many trips around the world gave in the chance to share the stage with: Little Joe Cook, Weeping Willie Robinson, Fiona Boyes, Damon Fowler, Sarasota Slim, Steve Arvey, Mookie Brill, Jimmy Botts, Sean Carney, Harrison Kennedy, Rick Hayworth, Jordan Officer, Stephen Barry, Andrew Cowan, Gordie Adamson, Cristian Malette, Ricky Paquette, Bob Walsh, Bob Harrison, Carl Tremblay, Dawn Tyler Watson, Kim Richardson, Adam Karsh, Paul Deslaurier, Papagroove Big Band, to name a few.

Richard Carr landed under the label Iguane Records with his fort release "Tell Everybody"